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DSN Audit Lite (Paid)

Get a high-level assessment of your online presence and marketing efforts, identifying basic issues and opportunities for improvement.

DSN Audit 360 (Paid)

Get an in-depth analysis of all aspects of your online marketing strategy, including competitive positioning, and potential opportunities for growth.

DSN Audit Custom (Paid)

Want to audit something in particular that isn’t covered in any of the packages? Or, only want to audit specific channels? We’ll schedule a call and create a custom quote.

DSN Audit Scorecard (Free)

Digital marketing performance scorecard based on a multi-point grading system. Get a gauge on what’s working and what needs improvement.

Covenant Care
United Active Living
Scarborough Retirement Residence
Greenhouse Marketing, Sales & Recruitment
Sussex Retirement Living
Connect55+ Active Lifestyle Communities
Covenant Care
United Active Living
Greenhouse Marketing, Sales & Recruitment
Sussex Retirement Living
Connect55+ Active Lifestyle Communities

Audit Your Digital Marketing & Brand for Greater Success

Evaluate your performance with our trusted unbiased digital marketing audits. We help Senior Living & Care organizations ensure they are set up for success with a winning strategy suited to their budget.

Objectively measure your marketing performance

We objectively measure your marketing performance so that you can see how you’re marketing efforts performed in the previous period.

Compare your performance to that of your competitors

When it comes to marketing, performance is relative. Understand the investments of your competitors to help define your own strategy.

Data integrity with enhanced track & measurements

Data integrity can be a challenge for most organizations. Ensure actionable data is flowing between marketing, sales and leadership teams.

Gap analysis to identify opportunities

Identify low hanging fruit for quick marketing wins. We analyze opportunities with relative effort-impact analysis to plan strategy.

The Measurable Impact of Our Audits

United Active Living


The client was being provided false conversion data and marketing dollars were being misspent.


We developed a data-driven, quantifiable strategy, offering the client a clear understanding of the competitive demands necessary to achieve their objectives.

Loyalist Retirement Residence


The client was not generating any leads despite online advertising attempts.


Investigation found that the client’s website was a ‘conversion-killer’. We recommended a new marketing strategy and online presence that is continually generating leads.

Scarborough Retirement Residence


The client needed to up their marketing game due to new competitors in the area.


Audit uncovered tremendous missed opportunity across the board. Recommendations were given with a step-by-step implementation plan to meet their business objectives.

Livita Retirement Residences


Fragmented marketing efforts led to inefficient ad spending and excessive strain on resources.


We crafted a cohesive, actionable plan to maximize efficiency, generate immediate leads, while implementing a longer term digital strategy.

Compare Our Paid Packages

DSN Audit Lite

  • Website Overview & Performance
  • SEO Lite Audit (On-Page & Technical SEO)
  • Tracking & Analytics Audit
  • Website Accessibility Audit Lite
  • Google Ads Audit
  • Meta Advertising Audit (Facebook Ads)
  • 1 x Organic Social Media Account
  • 30-Days Access to Your Audit Slide Deck
  • 15 Min Pre-Audit Call
  • 1 Hour Audit Presentation + Q&A



Book now, pay later

DSN Audit 360

  • Everything in DSN Audit Lite, PLUS:
  • SEO 360 Audit (+ Off-Page & Competitors)
  • Website Accessibility Audit
  • Market & Competitive Positioning
  • Optional Additional Advertising Channel
  • Unlimited Organic Social Media Accounts
  • Email Marketing Audit/Recommendations
  • Online Branding Assessment
  • 90-Days Access to Your Audit Slide Deck
  • 15 Min Pre-Audit Call
  • 1.5 Hour Audit Presentation + Q&A



Book now, pay later

Custom Audit

Let us know what you would like audited and we will customize an Audit package for you.

Custom Audits include:

  • 30-Days Access to Your Audit Slide Deck
  • 15 Min Pre-Audit Call
  • 1 Hour Audit Presentation + Q&A

DSN Audit Scorecards

Digital marketing performance scorecard based on a multi-point grading system. Get a gauge on what’s working and what needs improvement. Use this to guide your marketing team and help inform areas of investment to yield a better ROI.

  • Website Performance Grade
  • Website Accessibility Grade
  • Paid Advertising Grade
  • Email Marketing Grade
  • SEO Grade
  • Tracking & Analytics Grade
  • Organic Social Grade
  • Online Branding Grade
DSN Audit Scorecard

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Have Questions Before Requesting Your Audit?

We know you might have questions before selecting your audit. Either schedule a short call with us or send us a message with your questions. We'd love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a digital marketing and web design audit?

The purpose is to assess the effectiveness, usability, and performance of your online marketing strategies, branding, and website. This helps identify areas of improvement to ensure optimal engagement with the senior demographic, their families, and those curious about retirement options in the future.

How long does an audit typically take?

While the duration can vary based on the scope and complexity of your digital assets, our comprehensive DSN Audit 360 typically takes between 2-4 weeks. Scorecards typically have a 24-hour turnaround time during business hours.

What do you specifically look for during the audit?

We evaluate various elements such as website usability, mobile responsiveness, SEO performance, content relevance, social media integration, brand consistency, print media, and the effectiveness of any paid advertising campaigns.

How often should we conduct an audit?

Ideally, a full audit should be conducted annually. However, given the dynamic nature of digital marketing, quarterly reviews can be beneficial to stay ahead of trends and potential issues.

What's the difference between a general audit and one tailored for senior living and care?

A tailored audit focuses on industry-specific best practices, understanding the unique behaviors and preferences of seniors and their loved ones, and ensuring compliance with any industry-specific regulations or standards.

How do we implement the recommendations from the paid audits?

Post-audit, we provide a detailed report with actionable insights. Our team can assist in implementing these, or you can work with your internal team, to ensure alignment with the recommendations.

Please note, that these are recommendations and not instructions on how to do effective digital marketing. 

Will the audit disrupt our ongoing marketing campaigns or website functionality?

No, the audit is non-intrusive. We evaluate your digital assets without disrupting any ongoing activities or website operations. We will request temporary access to the accounts needed for the audit, and will make no changes whatsoever.

How do you ensure data privacy during the audit?

We prioritize data protection and confidentiality. All findings from the audit are shared only with authorized personnel, and we adhere to stringent data protection guidelines throughout the process.

How does an audit benefit our senior living facility in terms of ROI?

An audit provides actionable insights to optimize your digital strategies, leading to increased online visibility, engagement, and conversions. By identifying and addressing inefficiencies, you can allocate resources more effectively, enhancing your return on investment (ROI) and ensuring that your facility resonates powerfully with the senior community and their families.

What sets your audits apart for the senior living and care sector?

Our audits are specifically tailored to the nuances of the senior living and care industry. We combine general best practices, and industry benchmarks with proven industry strategies, understanding the unique challenges and preferences of seniors and their families. 

This specialized focus ensures actionable recommendations that resonate with your target audience, elevating your online presence, and driving leads and occupancy.