The Canadian Digital Adoption Program and Senior Living

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) stands as an invaluable resource for retirement residences and senior service providers looking to modernize and streamline their operations. It's a golden opportunity, backed by the Canadian government, to adopt digital technologies and escalate your competitiveness.

Through CDAP, eligible organizations can receive financial support to adopt new technologies that enhance resident engagement, improve care delivery, and optimize internal management systems. This could include the integration of advanced health monitoring platforms, development of user-friendly websites for easier access to information for families, and the implementation of efficient CRM and automation systems for better resident service and follow-ups.


What is CDAP?

  • A Canadian government initiative designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adopt digital technologies
  • Offers a grant for creating a digital plan, followed by a 0% interest loan of up to $100,000 for implementation
  • $7,300 wage subsidy for someone you hire who is between 18 to 30 years old


CDAP Programs

  • Stream 1: Grow Your Business Online -  For businesses seeking to boost their online presence
  • Stream 2: Boost Your Business Technology - For those ready to undertake a comprehensive digital transformation, including eligible senior living communities [APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THIS STREAM]


Who is Eligible?

If your senior living community is an SME with aspirations to upgrade digitally, you're likely a fit for CDAP. Businesses need to demonstrate certain revenue benchmarks to qualify, aiming to enhance their digital footprint.

  • 100% Canadian-owned - registered or incorporated businesses in Canada
  • Specific revenue requirements for Stream 2 - have over $500K in revenue in last fiscal year-end
  • Payroll at least one person - has 1 to 499 employees
  • Is a for-profit - for the senior living and care sector, businesses that provide direct services to seniors or operate care facilities are eligible


What Are the Benefits?

Senior living communities can tap into expert advice, covering up to 90% of digital advisory costs. It's a chance to upscale your digital operations, improve sales growth, and optimize capital investment.

  • Access to expert digital advisors
  • Financial support for digital transformation
  • Enhanced competitiveness and digital maturity


CDAP and the Senior Living & Care Sector

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) offers a strategic financial boost for retirement residences and senior service providers to upgrade technology, from enhancing resident engagement platforms to optimizing CRM systems. The program covers advisory services to tailor digital strategies and train staff, ensuring a seamless tech transition.

  • Digital tools can improve operational efficiency, resident care, and family communication
  • Technology adoption can enhance marketing and online presence, crucial for attracting residents and staff


Frequently Asked Questions

Can senior living and care businesses apply?

Yes, if they meet the general eligibility criteria.

What can the loan be used for?

It can cover digital plan-related costs like IT equipment, technology training, digital advisory services, digital marketing tools, and more.

What's the difference between the two streams?

Stream 1 is about online presence, while Stream 2 is a more in-depth tech overhaul.

How does the application process work?

Apply through the CDAP portal, create a digital plan, and then apply for the loan.

Digital Seniority will help you through an approved advisor to help formulate your plan for submission

What if I already have a digital plan?

You may qualify for fast-track loan processing.


Digital Seniority's Role

At Digital Seniority, we align perfectly with CDAP's mission, offering web design, digital strategy, and marketing services specialized for the senior living and care sector. We can work with you and your CDAP advisor, developing a digital strategy that enhances your senior living and care brand's online presence and internal operations.

  • Expertise in Digital Transformation for Senior Living & Care: Digital Seniority specializes in digital marketing and technology solutions tailored for the senior living and care sector.
  • Services Aligned with CDAP: Website development, digital marketing strategies, and online presence enhancement. Assistance in creating a digital adoption plan that aligns with CDAP requirements.
  • Tailored Solutions for Senior Care: Understanding the unique needs of the senior living sector, Digital Seniority can help businesses leverage digital tools for better resident engagement and operational efficiency.
  • Support Through the CDAP Process: We work with you and your CDAP advisor of choice to formulate, apply for, and effectively implement your digital plan with CDAP funding.


For senior living and care businesses in Canada, CDAP offers a valuable opportunity to embrace digital transformation.

With Digital Seniority's expertise, these businesses can effectively develop a robust digital strategy, and implement solutions that enhance their services and operational efficiency.

With the grant and loan, communities can not only survive but thrive in the digital era. It's an ideal match for the services offered by Digital Seniority, where we're committed to empowering senior living and care communities in Canada with cutting-edge digital solutions.

Contact us to explore how CDAP can revolutionize your senior living and care business in the digital age.

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Anneline Breetzke is the key strategist at Digital Seniority, specializing in digital marketing for the Senior Living & Care industry. Her deep understanding and innovative approach make her invaluable to those seeking expert insights in senior care digital communications.

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