The Trusted Brand in Digital Marketing for Retirement Communities

Take the strategic, measurable approach to move-ins to your residence.

Our team has helped to manage and grow retirement communities for a very long time.

Our deep understanding and rich background with online and offline growth tactics are why we are considered the name in elite digital marketing services for retirement communities.


This 2-minute assessment is offered free of charge and will help you understand the marketing strategy you need to grow your residence.

The Trusted Brand in Digital Marketing for Retirement Communities

Take the strategic, measurable approach to move-ins to your residence.

Our team has helped to manage and grow retirement communities for a very long time.

Our deep understanding and rich background with online and offline growth tactics are why we are considered the name in elite digital marketing services for retirement communities.


This 2-minute assessment is offered free of charge and will help you understand the marketing strategy you need to grow your residence.

We Deliver Real Results

Older adult retirement homes in Canada are highly under-served, often being taken advantage of by paying too much for too little. In contrast, we have a proven track record of generating massive growth that you can measure in the form of move-ins.



Residences Helped


Staff Recruited




Leads Generated

Digital Seniority offers a unique holistic approach to lead generation by partnering with Greenhouse Marketing. You can leverage decades of traditional marketing expertise as well as their strategic operational and management support.


Tailored to Retirement Residences in Canada

We combine smart digital marketing techniques with traditional offline services that are tailored to Retirement Communities in Canada

Our Track Record —
Measurable ROI in 3 Months

Proven results that are measured in the form of qualified leads. Even when we take over from another marketing agency, we have a track record of making a significant impact in increase leads while reducing the average cost-per-lead.

Websites Built for Competitive Lead Generation

While we provide a number of website solutions, our main focus is building websites that are built for competitive lead generation. Our web design process is centred around marketing with a unique process that has proven results.

Proven Retirement Community Experts

Since 1989, our team has been directly involved with retirement communities. Digital Seniority is the digital arm of our agency that provides a suite of offline support solutions. We help communities grow with a wholistic approach.

Digital Marketing & Advertising Experts

We know that marketing KPIs like traffic actually mean nothing without an increase in revenue. That's where we come in, no more confusing reports. We are about transparency, client education, and measurable growth. There's not long term contract, we know that you'll never want to leave us.

Brand & Community Engagement

Should you be running a TV commercial, radio ad, how about a bill board, what about mail programs? It's time to consider the digital side in addition to those. We help you with data to understand and measure ROI so that you can make informed decisions on how best to reach your audience.

Sales, Consulting & Supportive Services

Our wholistic approach combining online and offline efforts, enables you to optimize your sales, marketing, and operations so that you can work towards reaching your full potential. Our team has been in this space since 1989 and we have the resources you'll need to empower your community.


3 Ways to Get Started with Us

Free Assessment

Take the assessment to determine your marketing solution.

Discovery Call

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with us to see if we're a fit.

Send a Message

Send us a message via our webform and we'll reply asap.


3 Ways to Get Started with Us

Free Assessment

Take the assessment to determine your marketing solution.

Discovery Call

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with us to see if we're a fit.

Send a Message

Send us a message via our webform and we'll reply asap.

Meet Our Directors

We have a diverse team, each with expertise in their niche. Our team works together holistically to ensure your marketing is not haphazard but implemented with intent. Our new website will showcase our entire team, for now, meet the Directors of Digital Seniority.

Anneline Breetzke

Anneline Breetzke

co-oWNer and director of outbound marketing

Anneline is a whiz at holistic marketing strategy, paid social media, and funnel development. With over 10 years experience in digital marketing, and a season with ComfortLife, Anneline is able to craft the perfect social media strategy for your residence. PS - that accent you hear is South African!

Ryan Meghdies

ryan meghdies

Co-owner and director of inbound marketing

Ryan is a thought leader and veteran practitioner in the digital marketing space with nearly 15 years of experience. Ryan has helped enterprise corporations and growing businesses develop strategic marketing plans and implement campaigns (especially with SEO, Paid Search, and Web) with proven measurable success.


Our Secret Sauce

Our secret sauce is working with our clients in a wholistic manner. We combine traditional marketing with a synchronized online marketing strategy.

We recognize it is more than simply generating a lead. We support you at every level where you have need.

Whether you are looking to open a new residence, or have been established for many years, our team is able to provide you with a 360° perspective and the services to meet your goals.

Digital has become our clients' biggest lead generation tool, growing occupancy rates despite the pandemic. 

The majority of our clients also opt to work with our consulting team to help them with the internal workings of their business, everything from sales to staffing.

This unique differentiator - combine online and offline - has helped to establish Digital Seniority as the industry leader for retirement community marketing in Canada.

Our Services

We combine leading digital marketing techniques with traditional services that are tailored to Retirement Communities in Canada

Paid Advertising (PPC & Paid Social)

When you work with us, we craft a paid advertising strategy based on your unique residence. We recommend which platforms will work best for you, and craft campaigns that work together for maximum success.

Google Ads & Microsoft Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of our sharpest weapons of choice for retirement communities. We take a unique wholistic approach to integrate and leverage data from across marketing channels to reach note-worthy KPIs that lead to significant ROI. By simultaneously analyzing both PPC (i.e. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising) and organic search results we can gather intelligence on your customers to optimize Paid Search campaigns.

We want you to be front and centre anytime someone searches for your services. The goal is to target highly valuable traffic for individuals that are actively searching for your services right now!

We also use additional tactics to show ads to targeted audiences as they surf the web. This allows us to target users that may be looking at your competitor’s website, stay top-of-mind for users that have already engaged with your brand online, and targeting users that have demonstrated interest in your services.

Facebook Ads

Facebook - which optionally includes Instagram - is one of the most effective ways of growing your residence!

Our customers are pleasantly surprised when they see how many older adults, not just adult children,  engage with their content on Facebook.

When you work with us, we craft advertising campaigns that speak to each of your audiences, where they're at, and move them to the next step in their journey to becoming a lead, and then a move-in.

Our unique approach to Facebook Advertising for Retirement Residences has proven over and over again to be the best lead generation strategy for our customers.

We encourage you think differently about this platform, and give us a chance to show you just how powerful it can be for you!

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn as a professional platform allows our customers to reach out to a certain type of resident and a particular stage in their life. Since these ads are significantly more expensive than Facebook ads, we recommend these in very specific situations.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are more nuaned and added to supplement the ad campaigns that are targeted to specific audiences. Twitter ads are especially effective when used to target audiences around specific events, keywords, and locations.

YouTube Ads

Old and young alike spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos! YouTube is a great place to target audiences based on what they're watching for a low dollar ad spend.

If you have, or want to create, videos to promote your residence then definitely consider YouTube advertising. 

Website Design & SEO

Websites have a significant impact on marketing performance while also supporting your sales efforts. Our websites are built from the ground up to establish a strong marketing foundation and entice conversions with intelligent designs.

Website Design & Development

Websites are far more than a business card. It's a lead generation tool that your users look to emotionally connect with who you are and what you are offering. It plays a significant role in setting up your sales team and establishing the perceived value of your product.

A well designed website guides your audience towards conversion by anticipating and meeting their needs. Our team invests significant research into qualitative and quantitative analysis, to determine the narrative of your specific audience. We learn to speak their language. We’re here to translate to setup your sales team for an easy move-in.

Call us to learn more about our unique approach in building powerful lead-generation websites for retirement communities. The advanced marketing we integrate plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, and even offline sales efforts.

Landing Pages & Funnels

Landing pages are custom built web pages with a single focus. These are different from your website and often built on a different platform. 

You'll find these are used a lot in true digital marketing. Instead of sending people to a generic home page, we send them to a page focused specifically on what they're interested in. E.g. "Memory Care" as opposed to all your residence offers.

Landing pages are also used for special articles called Presells that attract people on a specific issue (e.g. Should I move into a Retirement Residence during COVID?). We then pixel, segment, and retarget those people based on their interest and point on the customer journey.

These are invaluable to your marketing efforts and have a very specific design.

Funnels are used for residences who may not have a website yet or who want to launch a full-blown focused campaign where their website won't suffice. Funnels typically hold a number of landing pages such as Presells, Lead Magnets, Sales, Opt Ins, Thank You, Booking Calendars, and Member's Area.

Website Maintenance

This solution is intended for retirement communities that make frequent website changes and want to maintain the security and performance of their websites. Send us any requests you may have to add new features, new pages, functionality, or whatever else you might want. Maintain your website’s security, speed, and overall performance. Additionally we provide advanced security tools for malware and hack protection (active prevention systems with WAF & IPS). As we perform website updates we can keep your website in check with suggestions from Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Lighthouse. We also are able to monitor and resolve SEO issues reported by Google Search Console.


Many retirement communities are leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of the low-quality SEO their competitors have. Retirement generally don't do well with SEO, this means significant and affordable opportunity for those that do take advantage.

We strongly believe in client-education and transparency so you can see the activities we are doing every quarter and what measurable objectives we have tied to those activities.

We are believers in following data. There's a significant misconception that SEO is not measurable and that everyone has opinions but there's no right answer – this is 100% incorrect. When you work with true experts, the mystery is taken away and you realize how calculated and extremely lucrative SEO can be. Our team uses audience research and proprietary data practices to learn about your customers and competition. After finding opportunities and measuring the problems, we then provide high-end solutions to reach a measurable objective.

Email & Marketing Automation

The backbone of every successful business or organization is a healthy, growing and active email list. Retirement Communities who work with us to develop strategies to properly segment and grow their email list are the one where we've seen higher conversions.

Email Marketing

The backbone of every business or organization is their email list and subsequent email marketing efforts.

If you do not have an email list or don't use your email list, then you must add on email marketing as a service.

We build your regular email campaigns to prospects and residents in a way that nurtures and promotes all that your residence has to offer.

We create email sequences that nurture prospects based on their interests, who they are, and where they are in the journey to becoming a resident (or helping a loved one move in).

We integrate your email automation tool to your website and marketing strategies. If you don't have an email automation tool, we provide recommendations based on your needs and get you set up!

We cannot stress how important email marketing is for your residence.

Email Templates

How often have you received an email from a business and it looks awful, with text and images out of place? It doesn't create a good impression.

We believe in excellence in the big things and in the details which is why we offer email template creation.

We design your email templates so that they reflect the personality, style and mission of your residence with excellent design.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are the vehicles we use to capture email addresses from prospective residents or their adult children. 

You have to actively grow your email list, and that's done primarily with leads magnets.

Not everyone is ready to "book a tour" or "fill in the contact form". Those forms are aimed at folks who are called "hot leads". What about "warm" or "cold" leads... how can you capture them?

Each residence has something unique that can be turned into a lead magnet for cold, warm and hot audiences. We help you mine those lead magnet, and create them with you.

We create landing pages for them and ad campaigns to send the right people to your lead magnet.

They enter their email address to get the lead magnet, and we send that email into your email tool in a way that identifies who they are, and where they are in the customer journey.

This 'segmenting' of your email list is the gold in the mine. Email marketing campaigns can then deliver relevant content to these folks that keeps them engaged and coming back for more.

Then when the time is right, they will have your residence top of mind for a move-in consideration.

Marketing Automation Platforms

A marketing automation platform (MAP for short) is a integral software program that allows you to properly capture leads and market to them over time.

There are a number of MAPs to choose from that range in functionality, price, difficulty, and integration capability.

Fortunately, we've worked with almost all of them and will be able to determine what would work best for your residence.

Not only can we help you choose the best one for you, we can set up our platform, populate it with templates, and train any staff on how to use it.

You can also outsource managing the platform to use as well.

Organic Social Media

Organic social media (not paid / not advertising) is a another service we offer to Retirement Communities. Although it is better for each community to manage their own organic social media, we do provide a range of support options.

Training & Coaching

We show you how to effectively use free social media to increase positive awareness of your residence, and foster an online community. Platforms we educate on include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Twitter, and YouTube.

Some agencies encourage you to outsource your social media management to them, we don't. No one knows your community better than you. No agency can posture as you. What makes your residence come alive online are your on-the-fly videos, photos of residents, activities, staff, special guests, and more. Only YOU can capture that.

We can train you or your team on what works and how to do it well!

Automatic Scheduling

You have the content but don't have time to post it every day on all your platforms. 

We have our own scheduling and posting tool that distributes your content intelligently on your channels.

We manage adding your content to the tool, and ensure content is re-purposed so you get the most mileage from the work you did.

Template Creation

Brand consistency is critical to help folks recognize and remember your residence.

We offer branded template creation for your social platforms that will give you that will make your brand reconizable and memorable.

Reputation Management

Retirement Residences, no matter how amazing they are, will draw negative comments and criticism from people.

We intervene when a negative comment has been made by responding in a way the protects your reputation. Our replies are prompt (within 24hrs).

In rare instances we hide negative comments if a reply is insufficient, there is abusive or discriminatory language, or the comment is inflammatory.

One negative comment can ruin an ad campaign, which is why we offer reputation management for our paid advertising too.

Keep your finger on the pulse with this service.

Engagement & INVITATION

When someone comments on our content, do you reply? If you reply, do you do so within 48 hours? Most social platforms are a ghost town where all that's happening is a one-way conversation. That does nothing for your residence, and is a total waste of time and resources.

Commenting, replying to comments, asking questions, engaging with your community is one of the keys to successful social media.

We reply and engage for you within a timely manner to foster community and expand your reach.

Not only do we engage, but we also actively invite every person who has reacted to your content to Like your social profile - most notably Facebook. This grows your audience and becomes a powerful group of people to advertise to, and to spread the word of your residence. 

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