Top 10 Benefits of Web Accessibility for Retirement Homes

Unlock the Potential of Your Residence with an Accessible Website

Imagine a world where your retirement residence isn’t just a place, but a community that reaches out and warmly welcomes everyone online. That’s the magic of an accessible website! Let’s dive into how embracing accessibility can open doors to incredible possibilities for your residence and the people you serve.

Here are the top 10 ways web accessibility can benefit you:


Welcomes a Wider Community

An accessible website invites more people to engage with your retirement residence. This inclusivity means you can touch more lives, something we deeply care about.


Enhances Every Visitor’s Experience

Web Accessibility is about creating a welcoming online space for everyone. It’s amazing how user-friendly features can make a world of difference in making guests feel at home, even online.


Boosts Your Online Visibility

Did you know that accessible websites are favoured by search engines? This means more people can find you, which is what we all want.


Endorses Your Brand

Showing that you care about accessibility speaks volumes about your values. It’s a powerful way to show you’re committed to providing the best care and experience.


Drives Real Engagement

When everyone can easily navigate your site, more people can connect with the services you offer. This leads to higher engagement and, ultimately, more move-ins.


Keeps You on the Right Side of the Law

Compliance with laws like AODA isn’t just about ticking boxes and avoiding fines – it's about providing a service that’s respectful and considerate to all.


Supports the Journey of Aging

As more seniors use the internet to find their next home, your accessible website can be the guide they need.


Helps Families Make Informed Choices

Since it’s often families who are looking online for the perfect place for their loved ones. An accessible website makes this important journey simpler and more reassuring.


Shows You’re Ahead of the Curve

Embracing web accessibility shows you’re forward-thinking – and in today’s world, that’s an essential trait to have.


Amplifies Your Social Presence

Accessible content is more likely to be shared, helping you build an engaged community around your brand.


An accessible website in the senior living and care niche is a powerful tool. It not only serves a practical and legal purpose but also positions your organization as caring, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of all individuals, especially those in the senior community.

Get an accessible website in minutes!

We're offering a free web accessibility audit – a simple, no-obligation report to see where your site stands and what improvements are needed. Should you need help in achieving web accessibility and AODA compliance, our collaboration with accessiBe allows us to extend a 10% discount on their standard rates, complete with a 7-day free trial.

Web Accessibility is about creating an online space where everyone feels included and valued.

Anneline Breetzke

President & CEO of Digital Seniority

About the author 

Anneline Breetzke

Anneline Breetzke is the key strategist at Digital Seniority, specializing in digital marketing for the Senior Living & Care industry. Her deep understanding and innovative approach make her invaluable to those seeking expert insights in senior care digital communications.

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